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…it is probably true as a general principle that the most fruitful developments in the history of human thought often occur at the points of interference between two lines of thought.

These lines can have their roots in completely different parts of human culture, in different periods and different cultural environments or different religious traditions. Therefore, if they actually meet, that is, if they find themselves in such a sufficiently close relationship as to give rise to effective interaction, it can then be hoped that new and interesting developments will ensue…

International Network > Scientific – Artistic project “I sogni dei bambini del mondo”

“I sogni dei bambini del mondo” (The dreams of the children of the world) is an international scientific and artistic research project on respiration-based diagnosis in early childhood and the anthropology of signs. The project is scientifically recognised by the order of doctors in Rome, Lecce and L’Aquila, and has been hosted by museums of contemporary art and Italian embassies. The project was implemented after ten years of travelling performances and concluded with the donation of the children’s paintings on canvas to scientific, health and artistic institutions. The author, Tiziana Dollorenzo Solari, extends her thanks to Dr Ennio Brunetta, chairman of the Art and Medicine association for the invitation to participate in the interdisciplinary activities linked to healthcare, free expression and creative processes.
mappa internazionale i sogni dei bambini del mondo

National Network > La Carta di Bologna

In June 2014 the Rete Arte e Medicina (Art and Medicine Network), together with 20 other associations, signed a letter of intent concerning sustainability and health.

sostenibilità e salute

National Network > Bicinema

bicinemaBicinema supports culture, art and science by planning projects and cooperating with institutional and private bodies. It invites the public to the cinema and theatre and is pleased to work with the Art and Medicine association because it believes in the enjoyment of art as a therapeutic experience. Facebook page under construction.