There’s no mistery…


We would like to explain in plain and simple terms exactly what “the Humanisation of Medicine” really means.

It concerns the relationship between doctor, patient and nurse, both inside and outside places of treatment, as well as the relationship between doctors and society, as mediated by institutions.

tavolozzaTo help you understand the doctor-patient-nurse relationship, we suggest you think of the world of health services as a painter’s palette, with a broad selection of hues including both primary colours and those obtained by mixing them together.

Red represents the doctor-patient relationship, blue the nurse-patient relationship, and yellow the doctor-nurse relationship.

This is called the “health triangle”.

The relationship with family members is also important, but not indispensable.

The patient is considered in his or her entirety (mind and body) and communication involves their deepest emotions.

This is what happens in places of treatment, but given that the humanisation of medicine also happens outside places of treatment, you need to stretch your imagination a little bit further and think of the fourth colour, the colour of social medicine, i.e. the relationship between doctors and society.


Today, both doctor and patient are obliged to engage with entirely new social and health issues including the multi-ethnic society, immigration, social integration, the traditions of other peoples, adoption, religion, ethics, morality, medical robotics, poverty, unemployment, disabilities etc..

The doctor must know the places where the patients are born and live, as these are the places where illnesses develop (tumours, infectious diseases, chronic diseases, stress).

If we try to mix red, blue, yellow and orange we obtain another colour that will be the medicine of tomorrow, i.e. a medicine that arises from a range of intertwined dynamics that are generating an absolutely new and unpredictable society.

The aim of the “humanisation of medicine” is to create this fifth colour, the colour of renewal.

Art and Science together constitute the path to follow.