A Tag is an indicator that we use to understand the tastes and needs of the people who use this site. For example if you like jazz, on the site you won’t find a “jazz” section but simply the “Art” macro-area, while you’ll find “jazz” in the Tags (you can set your favourite topics). This means that if you select the “search” field and write “jazz”, you automatically get all the articles and videos linked to jazz. Subsequently it will also be possible to understand your preferences and perhaps to include the “jazz space” in the basic structure of the site. That said, if any of you would like to flag up a topic that you prefer, you will be rewarded because it will have a central position in the site and thus greater visibility etc. Thus I advise the more “enthusiastic” among you to publish as much as possible. If the Tag of the topic you prefer is not in the current list, let us know and we will be happy to include it.